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The Best Snack
for Your Munchies

Every cannabis lover knows the feeling – coming off a high with the insatiable craving for the most mouth-watering snacks, and on the hunt for all goodies, both sweet and savory. That’s right, the munchies! And if there’s anyone who knows the feeling, it’s the WeedHub Team. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure we provide you with ultimate post-high non-THC & non-CBD snacks to satisfy your wildest cravings. From local hand crafted chocolates to unique candy, and mints.

Local, Hand-Crafted
THC-Free Snacks

It takes one to know one, and you can bet that the WeedHub Team knows exactly what the best post-high snacks for the munchies are! Pair Tasty Buds chocolates with an order of your favourite marijuana products, for those Munchies! Also a great gag gift to your friends or parents, watch heir reaction to this one of a kind Snack. Tasty Buds handcrafted THC-Free and CBD-Free treats are aimed to satisfy the craziest of cravings for stoners coming off a high, making for the perfect post-session Snack!