Zonked Live Resin Vape Pen – Blueberry Scream-A-Saucer (Hybrid) (1g)


The Blueberry Scream-A-Saucer experience is characterized by a gradual onset of euphoria and a dreamy feeling that washes over you, bringing a sense of calm and ease. As the high builds, your mind will drift into a state of hazy introspection, erasing any negative or intrusive thoughts and numbing the brain. Given its relaxing effects and high average THC level, this strain is considered an effective treatment for conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, migraines, and chronic stress and anxiety.

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  • 85%

    Stress Relief

  • 70%

    Pain Relief

  • 80%

    Sleep Promotion

  • 70%

    Mood Elevation

  • 75%

    Appetite Promotion

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