Moonwalker Premium Pre-Rolls – Hanger 10 (Sativa) (1.75g)


Defy gravity with Moonwalker. Our team has meticulously crafted each Moonwalker Premium Twax Cone with specific strain combinations for the most optimal smoking experience. Unlike competitors, Moonwalker cones contain top shelf island grown flower with the finest golden kiel and premium oil. We’ve spent countless hours in the lab mastering and perfection our proprietary method to pack all the flower and concentrates inside the cone. We aim to create extremely potent twax cones with zero waste.


This high strength Sativa dominant hybrid gets its heritage from its parents – Maui Wowie and SAGE. This uplifting strain is known to produce a euphoric high, leaving users happy, energetic, creative and motivated. Hang 10 has a tropical flavour with notes of sweet citrus, pineapple and fleshy fruit apparent in the nose and smoke (think lifesavers). Hanger 10 delivers a very gentle sage undertone on the exhale and leave users with a permanent smile for a few hours.

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  • 90%

    Stress Relief

  • 65%

    Pain Relief

  • 75%

    Sleep Promotion

  • 85%

    Mood Elevation

  • 65%

    Appetite Promotion

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